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3D printing, 3D fabrication, 3D scanning, 3D visualization
Aaron Test
Members of the Accounting Club
Announcement list for the ACM student chapter
American Chemical Society, BIOT devision members
APAGS Advocacy Coordinating Team News
To send out e-mail messages to all adjunct faculty at UMBC
News and Information for Adjunct Instructors of MA TESOL Program
Announcements for UMBC Adult Learners
To establish a list of contact for the Africana Studies Council of Majors
To communicate with ASA members
A list for Aikido club members
Mailing List for all Alcohol Edu Subscribers
Alcohol Education for incoming freshmen
American Red Cross of UMBC
The American Studies Council of Majors list is for students to keep up to date on department events.
Amnesty International Chapter at UMBC
The UMBC ANCS Club's Mailing List
UAS Annoucements
UMBC Announcements
Anthropology Council Of Majors discussion and announcements.
List for anyone interested in joining or attending events with Alpha Phi Omega
Apostolic Campus Ministry
Arab Student Union List proc
An offshoot of the CADVC listserv, reaching out to members of the local arts community.
Announcements of UMBC arts events will serve as a basic communication list for any student interested in taking part in an Alternative School Break Experience
This list is for correspondance among the members of the ASB leadership team.
asbwva list proc serves to unit the participants in the ASB trip to West VA in dialogue and preparation.
Asian Student Connection
Asian Studies Schools
UMBC Astronomy Club
Atmospheric Physics Brown Bag Series
listserv for all Bartleby staff
Bengali Students Council listproc
Mailing list to keep members of the Bhagavad Gita Club updated on club events and meetings.
Convert waste vegetable oil into useful energy
Black and Gold Student Leaders
Bookstore events and promotions.
Information for new students regarding essential Bookstore services.
Special announcement and offers.
members of the bioethics club at UMBC
News for any events involving the UMBC's Black Student Union
To alert companies at bwtech@UMBC South only.
Fitness and wellness news and events at bwtech@UMBC
Colleges Against Cancer Membership Contacts
News and Events from Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, UMBC
On-Air Cafe Daily Menu (Baltimore, MD)
This will serve the student organization the Campus Climate Initiative by allowing for better mass communication to its members.
A mailing list for people carpooling to different events off campus to give and get rides
Fun facts about cats!
A mailing list for tenant BDP technologies at the Columbus Center
UMBC Council of Computing Majors
CCREU Project
Soc. for Chaos Theory:Member discussion
List of grad students and postdocs in the chem and Biochem dept.
Chemistry/Biochemistry Announcements
Chinese graudate and undergraduate students at UMBC
Managers' Retreat
Service Coordinators of The Choice Program
Choice Alumni
Managers of The Choice Program
Faculty/Staff using clickers at UMBC
Announcements for the Computer Science Game Development Track
announcements for the 8:30 AM section of CMSC202 spring 2009
CMSC 471 student mailing list
e-mail list to promote the Annual Undergraduate Symposia in the Chemical and Biological Sciences at UMBC to external institutions
COEIT undergraduate students
UMBC College Democrats
To keep members up to date with the Congo Leadership Initiative at UMBC
Course Demand Committee
The list will be used for communitcation between members of CPK CAB and the CD or CPK.
Mailing list for CMSC 671 - Instructor Rosa Laura Zavala
UMBC Craft Club/Knitting Circle
UMBC 22 yards: The cricket club at UMBC
The Cricket Development Program promotes the game of cricket at UMBC.
Discussion for cs471 students and staff
Chinese Students Scholars Association
Email list for current UMBC ESOL students
bwtech@UMBC Events
Cyberlearning process modeling project
International University Student Volunteer Association
a way to send emails about events, meetings and dance related information
Official news and notes for the dance department.
News of the dance department
Community e-newsletter with information about UMBC news and events
DEVICE is an engineering inventors club
Discussion of digital storytelling and new media activities at UMBC
DoIT Customer Support Survey Report
For the Superheros, the kind-hearted souls, who donate blood selflessly.
a list for testing
economics 101 Bob Carpenter's section
Bob Carpenter's intermediate macro class
economics 471 Money and capital markets
Money and Banking
This list will be used to distribute information for the Economics Council of Majors
mailing list for education department
List for indian students to communicate
Elementary Education
everyone involved with instruction
to communicate with ELC fac & staff
Enrollment Management Communications Group
The English Department current honors students
Updates from Enigma Artist Society!
Environmental Task Force
UMBC Environmental Council
A mailing list for members of UMBC's IHSA Team
This listproc will be used by the Erickson Newsletter Committee
this is a discussion/notification list for students in English 303
A means of communication for the Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association
Resources and discussion for UMBC faculty parents
UMBC Filipino-American Student Association
The UMBC Fencing Club
Film/Video Announcements and Information
Fitness and wellness news and information from the RAC
Listserve for Maryland FLL coaches
FLL Maryland New Intreset
UMBC Food Recovery Network
This list is for members of the UMBC Foreign Film Club. It is used to inform members of events, meetings, etc.
History 361
Announcements related to UMBC's Games, Animation and Interactive Media programs
UMBC Game Developer's Club
Geography and Environmental Systems Council of Majors
To send emails to members of the Global Development Council.
Good Morning Commuter Breakfast list
List for members of the UMBC Gospel Choir
For all UMBC graduate students
A list to notify graduate students about pick-up soccer games
For graduate students in the elementary education program
To distribute important information to graduating students.
This list is for members of the Greek Week committee.
GSA list to inform graduate students about community engagement projects organized by GSA
Graduate Student Organization for the Education Department
Gender + Women's Studies Council of Majors list proc
Important HAPP majors' information
A listserv to communicate with HAPP seriors
Harbor Hall Community Action Board
A mailing list for all haven subscribers
Forum for History Dept. Grad Students
Health IT Lab - UMBC Newsletter
To keep all members of HLSU informed of events, etc.
For Members of the UMBC Honors College
Users of HPC resources at UMBC
HSP Students
email listing of Humanities Chairs
UMBC IEEE Student Branch
IMDA student
Interdisciplinary Studies Coucil of Majors
INDS Council of Majors
Request for mailing list for Interdisciplinary Studies Council of Majors
The goal of interculturalists list is to share information about researches, conferences, and books and to promote and encourage online discussion about the state of intercultural communication field across the world.
A list to provide updates about intramural activities at UMBC
Investing and Trading Club Mailing List
To keep students informed and interested in Inivisible Children United.
CRI iPad Recipients
The Information Systems is an open organization that serves to increase awareness and internest in technological fields.
Information Systems News Listserv
Advising for IS students
Jobs and Internships for IS students
Interactive Systems Research Center mailing list
Email list for the Information Systems Security Association Group
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Japanese Culture Club
Listproc for the Jewish Graduate Student Association
Jennie Leach's academic advising list
Career Center Announcements
Junior FIRST Lego League
UMBC Juggling Club
A list for members of the Kappa Theta Epsilon Honors Society for internships and co-ops
kentest3: The Legend Continues
General info for DoIT Lab Users
Updates on the activities of the Lambda Kappa Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Library Employee Enrichment Committee
lenel access control users
Service-Learning list for LET'S GO STEM program.
News and Events from the AOK Library Gallery, UMBC
Important information for students majoring in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
For members of Discussions about life in the United States
Residents of Living Learning communities
Living Poets Society
llc ga list for sending information to llc ga students
For fans of UMBC's Hip Hop Troupe
Major Inspiration
Communication between the members of the MartenLab secretion assay subgroup, aka the XMen
Media and Communications Announcements
MCS Alum Mailing List
Mechanical Engineering Female Listserv
for members of the men's volleyball club
Advising and news for students in management programs.
Jobs, internships and other employment notices for management students.
Organize and manage a conference at UMBC
A list supporting the "Mill Stories" project.
discussion list for the ML class
dept news for mll majors
Mobile, Pervasive and Sensor Computing Group
Alumni and friends of Music at UMBC
List for the UMBC Musical Theatre Club
to communicate to volunteers
The National Society of Collegiate Scholars
The Transfer Student Network New Transfers List
Northrop Grumman Cohort Cybersecurity Program
A list of UMBC-USG SSS Notetakers
To notify office365 users of changes
OIT Department CR Announcements
OIT Systems Downtime Announcement List
Announce list for OIT's Paid Research Space customers
Current e2campus subscribers who have not yet re-registered via the Shibboleth interface
UMBC Women's Rugby Alumni
discuss equipment status in UMBC PAD
Pakistani Student Association
Mailing list for Pandemic, UMBC's Steel Drum Band
Paul's Place Mentorship Outreach Project
President's Commission for Women - Community List
Pepband Alumni List
IEEE PerCom Conference Mailing List
Phase 2 Elementary Education Students
Phase 1 Elementary Education Students
Philosophers Anonymous of UMBC
News and Events for Physics Undergraduate Students
Pi Mu Epsilon Member List
a mailing list for the Political Science Council of Majors.
Pre-Law Society
Pre-Veterinary Society: To assist pre-veterinary students in selecting and gaining admission to a Veterinary college.
Information for UMBC-USG Prospective Students
Announcement List for SGA's imProve It Campaign
News from the Professional Staff Senate
For communications with our alumni.
Periodic e-newsletter from Dept. of Public Policy
Retired Reading Group
Relay For Life at UMBC
MAPLE student retention project
Retrievers for Choice mailings
Residential Life Central Staff personnel
Packaging Notifications
MAPLE robot learning project
Rockets and More is a model rocketry club at UMBC
Resident Student Association
SA News and Updates
SAILS list
UMBC Students for Environmental Awareness
This list serves as a commicator for students affiliated with the planning of UMBC's Service Commission
UMBC's Graduate Cybersecurity program at USG
For SGA to communicate with students interested in finding out more about the organization
UMBC-Shady Grove Summer Faculty
Sri Lankan Student Association
Mailing List for the Society of Physics Students
sows list serves to unite members of sows
Spaces Notification List
Students for Science and Reason
SSS Staff Members
Student organization mailing list
Student Organizations
Social Work at Shady Grove
Connecting UMBC Faculty Expertise to the News
a list proc of tau sigma - national honors society for tranfer students
Announcement list for Fall 2011 teachers assistants
Learn about tea and culture
List of the users
List for ESOL/bilingual program and TESOL community
testing list
List for the users of [La]TeX
News and information about faculty textbook adoptions.
Distribute Theatre Performance Information to Interested Patrons
Communications and leadership club
A group of transfer students assigned to my mentor group at OCSS
To connect members of the UMBC Table Tennis Club
United Christian Council Updates
Ultimate Frisbee
UMBC Campus-wide Announcements
To keep members of the UMBC Asian Studies Council of Major members informed about the club and to facilitate communication among members.
List for the UMBC chapter of Engineers Without Borders.
Announcement list for faculty and instructors
An email list for members of RSA's NACURH delegation
Returning Women at UMBC
UMBC Ski and Board Club Mailing List
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Vietnamese Student Association
Mailing list for the Black Student Union
Email list for the British TV Appreciation Club
To provide club members the information about the club/events/etc.
UMBC for Sight student organization
Mailing list to inform about MSAs events lectures and special information
Society of Women Engineers UMBC Chapter
UMBC Swing Dance
On Campus Wireless Users
The listproc is a way for graphic designers at UMBC to stay connected and updated when AIGA events occur.
UMBC Cyber Defense team
Chinese Student Association Mailing List
Dance Dance Revolution Club
UMBC Debate
UMBC Emergency Medical Services Student Organization
French Club Mailing List
Newsletter for meetings, events, sales and tournaments
A list to notify graduate students about pick-up soccer games
email list for the UMBC Humans Vs Zombies Club
Linux Users at UMBC
Announcement List
UMBC OCF list serv
Pagan Student Union weblist
for communication among UMBC Russian Club members/interested participants
UMBC Sailing Team Mailing List
Mailing list to diferenciate between sailing club and racing team members
Listserve for UMBC Shambala
TESOL Professional Training Programs at UMBC
Members of the UMBC Vegetarians
To e-mail umbc's track and field newsletter to alumni and parents
Announcement list for undergraduate students
For sharing information regarding the USMAI DDA Project
UMBC Veterans
Visual Art Grad and Undergrad Listserv
Community emails for WAA Stack 6 Residents
This is a mailing list for the residents in Walker Stack 7.
Updates for Stack 9 in WAA
Walker Residents, Summer 2011
Welcome Week Project List Proc
West Hill/Terrace Apartments Community Action Board
West Hill Terrace Community Action Board
Who We Am
Discuss aspects of Wimba Classroom as to use, ease, help, etc.
Announcements and News for WMBC Members
WMBC staff mailing list
Announcements of interest to women in the College of Engineering and IT
Connection to talk about events for World AIDS Day at UMBC
This is Tim blocking this name out
Yoga Club Mailing List